18 October 2011

Tuesdays with BLD and a lil' News

Hi Everyone!!

Before we get to the awesome creations designed by the Lovely lollipop Girls, there is something special I'd like to share with you...


Since, the image "we Love You Mommy" has been circulating for quite some time now...I wanted
to draw a new image to offer to you for Katie!
I asked a few friends if they would like to join me in doing a new bundle...YAY...they said YES!
And so... 
Arielle H. Gordon of The Wax Fruit Co.
Tammy Thompson of  A Day For Daisies
Krista Smith of Saturated Canary
have joined me to bring you a brand new fundraising digi bundle for Katie Renz and her Family!

You can read all about it HERE .

Thank You for your Giving Hearts!
Thank you all so much for helping Katie by donating and praying!

Ok, are you ready to be inspired?

Hold on to your hats...it's gonna be a fun ride!!!!!

Krista used Mummy Marvin

Judy used Waiting-Mommy

Joni used We Love You Mommy

Loretta used Sugar Stick - Sally

Kadie used Puddle Jumper - Ben
Arielle used Katie's Smile (Image in the new Katie Bundle)

Sheri used Lollipop Callie
I'm One - Boy

Mary used Puddle Jumper - Ben

Karen used We Love You Mommy

Frances used Birthday Cake 1

Christine used Puddle Jumper Ben

Shelby used I'm One - Boy

 WOW...these girls are AMAZING huh?!?!
I am sending a HUGE Thank You to all the BLD Lollipop Girls!!

I used Lil' Ghost- Peek

Thank You all for stopping by and taking as look at all our cards!


Hugs & Blessings - LORi BOYD


Mette said...

Fabulous DT samples. So much talent and inspiration. Love all the colours and different styles - just super.

Hugs, Mette

Deirdre said...

Amazing DT samples. Thank you for putting the bundle together for Katie and Kevin. Sending hugs. Yourself Arielle, Krista and Tammy are angels.