Crafting Prayers for Katie & Family Fundraiser

It is amazing how this community of Paper Crafters have come together with nothing but love and support for our wonderful, sister friend, Katie Renz.
Katie is wife to her loving husband, Kevin and hands on Mommy to her 3 handsome boys...Hunter, soon to be 12 and her 5 year old twin sweeties, Nate and Will.
Sadly, Katie was diagnosed this time last year with Stage 4 Gastic Cancer.

Many of you may already know Katie's Story, but just in case you haven't had the privilege of being inspired by her can find her blog, My Paper Haven HERE,

Many, many prayers are being prayed for Katie's complete healing and for her
family and friends, who are going through this with her.
Katie has brought so many in this crafting community together as a united force...with one goal...doing all we can do for Katie!
Prayers are the greatest thing we can offer Katie and her Family.
The Power of Prayer is Amazing!
I believe this with all my heart.
I want to do even more.

I have asked a few of my dear friends to design an image for Katie.
I am honored and so thankful to...
Arielle H. Gordon of The Wax Fruit Co.
Tammy Thompson of A Day For Daisies
Krista Smith of Saturated Canary
for their wonderful additions!
We have bundled the images we have designed and for a
$15 donation
you will receive all the images below

Simply click the donate button above and an email
containing a zip file of all the images will be emailed to you within 24 hours!

All the proceeds will go to Katie and Kevin Renz!


I named the first image,
Katie's Smile
One of the things I notice the most about Katie in her photographs, is her SMILE!
It certainly lights up a room and when you look at it, you can't help but smile too!
Thank you for sharing your Smile with all of us, Katie!

My group of images, I called
Praying around the World
So many all over the world are praying and so it fit perfectly and made so much sense!
In fact, the other night (for me), I wrote on Facebook that I was heading to bed, wonderful and
Lovely Linda (daytime for her) wrote and told me that...
"While you sleep, we are still praying on this side of the world"
I can't tell you what a Peace that gave me.
She also said that our God was a 24/7 what a feeling of security!
It was wonderful to lay my head down to rest and know that we have friends all over the
world who care and that are manning the posts while we rest!
This is a battle for Katie...God WILL have Victory and we pray Katie healed in Jesus Name!
And we are all Praising Him for it!
These 2 quotes by Linda are in my images!  Thank You Linda for your friendship and love!

Thank You for stopping by to help support, bless & love Katie Renz and her Family!
Please continue to pray for Katie!

Blessings & Love - LORi BOYD

Thank you so very much Arielle, Tammy and Krista for these wonderful images!
Thank You Arielle for the fantastic blinkie!

If you would like this blinkie to share on your blog and to help spread the word, please email me at  and I will email it to you!