30 April 2012

Early Bird Special - May Bug & Roo Bundle

Hi Everyone!!

Are you ready for more Bug & Roo Images/
How about an Early Bird Special??!?!


You can get all 9 of the New Bug & Roo Images
for only 
$20 until Friday, May 4th

Early Bird Special - $20

Have a wonderful week!!

Hugs - LORi

24 April 2012

BLD Tuesday

Woot Woot!
It's BLD Tuesday! 








I sure hope you all find inspiration from these lovely cards designed by the fabulous BLD Designers!

Have a wonderful and blessed week!


17 April 2012

BLD Tuesday

Inspiration Time!!

Here are the fabulous BLD Designers sharing their awesome cards:

Jeanie used Lollipop Fancy Bunny

Sheri used Bug & Roo Vivi (Two)

Kim used Lollipop Avery Ballerina

Karen used PartyTime Gabbi

Taylor used Bug & Roo Charleston

Arielle used Bug & Roo Vivi (Two)

Kadie used Sweet Pea - Baby Levi
 Krista used Lollipop Watermelon Girl

Tracy used Sugar Stick Girl with Kite

Cindy used Bug & Roo - Opal

Thank you all for stopping by!!

Have a wonderful day!!


10 April 2012

BLD Tuesday

Ahhhh, it's another beautiful Tuesday and nothing could make it any prettier that the amazing
creations by the FABULOUS BLD designers!!

I sure hope you all had a fabulous Resurrection Sunday! 
One filled with love for our Savior and our wonderful families.
God is so good! 
I am so thankful for all His blessings and love!

It's time to be inspired by these fabulous card designers:

Kim O'Connell

Jeanie Witmer

Cindy Haffner

Sheri Gilson

Taylor Usry

Tracy Clemente

Karen Giron

Mary Giles

Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you found great inspiration in today's post!!

Have a wonderful week!

Blessings - LORi 

03 April 2012

BLD Tuesday

Wooo Hooo!!
Each Tuesday, I get excited for you to see what the BLD Designers have created, this week is no different...Wait til you see this Yummy-ness!

Krista used Bunny Girl (Two), 
Froggy Boy McCoy and Bunny Girl (One)
all 3 are apart of Hannah's latest Bug & Roo Release

Cindy used Bug & Roo Vivi

Tracy used Bug & Roo Ivy

Kadie used Lollipop Avery Ballerina
Taylor used Lollipop Presley

Karen used Lollipop Bunny (Easter)

Mary used Bug & Roo Marcie

Tina used Bug & Roo Vivi

Kim used Bug & Roo Bunny Girl (One)

There is still time to get your Easter Images!
In fact, I may need to add a bug ole' Easter Bundle here a bit later!

Blessings and Hugs - LORi BOYD

02 April 2012


Happy Glorious Monday my Friends!!

I just wanted to stop by and let you now that you can find BLD Sneak Peeks, New Releases, Fun Chatter. Crafty Support and BLD News on our Facebook Group and Page.

Click to find the GROUP


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Be sure to join us and then share our group and page on your own facebook....HUGE Thank Yous!!

Blessings - LORi