08 November 2011

Sad News, Thank you and Inspiration

Hello my sweet and wonderful crafty friends!
I struggled with even doing a DT post today as I have sad news to share with you.
In the wee hours of yesterday morning, surrounded by her wonderful husband and loving sister, our beautiful and amazing, Katie went home...to Heaven!
You can read Kevin's post HERE!

Katie was such a light and Inspiration to so many of us in this crafting community.
I believe she brought us closer, taught us to cherish each day and love stronger!
I am in awe of her! Wow, what a woman, what a wife, what a mother, what a friend,
what a talent, what an inspiration and what a blessing!

Katie was in so much pain and awhile I am so happy that she is now pain free and in peace, resting in our Heavenly Father's arms...my heart is breaking for Kevin and her sweet boys.
I found my self in tears most of yesterday and I think I cried enough tears to float a boat.
My mom says that I have am very empathetic...that I actually got a double dose when empathy was being distributed.  I feel things strongly.  I love strong and I hurt strongly!
My mind is consumed with what Kevin and the boys and her family are feeling and thinking.
I know this isn't healthy, but I just want them to not hurt so badly!
All I can do for them is pray and I have being doing lots of that.
I will also continue to take any and all donations for Katie...yes, for Katie.  Although, she is in Heaven...she said she was ready, but her concern was for her Boys (which included Kevin)!
When I decided to to the latest bundle, I wanted to do it for her boys. I think I knew in the back of my mind I knew what might be around the corner although I didn't want to admit it.
I really did the bundle with Kevin and Hunter and Will and Nate in mind and heart.
A little last something I we could all do for Katie...Help look out for HER BOYS!

You know we have the We Love you Mommy Image:

And the Bundle featuring images from The Wax fruit Co., A Day for Daisies, 
Saturated Canary and By Lori Designs:


I'd like to thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for all your 
prayers and donations for Katie and her family!
I know with out a doubt that The Renz family are very thankful for all our support and love!
Thank you!

♥ LORi


Now, for some cards from the BLD DT Girls.










 Love and Hugs and Blessings - LORi BOYD



Annette Allen said...

It is so sad... But I think it is wonderful how you created this image to help her family.. I just learned of her story two weeks ago and have been very touched. Our family is very familiar with a loved one having cancer. I am sure her family is very grateful for all the support.. I purchased the image you have dedicated for her family.

Vivi Casale said...

oh Lori, it is so sad to hear about Lori.. I`ll have her family in my prayers and thoughts and that she can rest in peace in heaven!