09 November 2010

A Tutorial by Gardenia Pepworth

Printing Digi Images/Stamps ~ A Tutorial
by Gardenia Pepworth

Hi Everyone!!  
Gardenia here....Lets face it Copic Cardstock is pricey (reasonably so though I would say) but I still want to make the most of it. So when I print my digi images I try and get as many as I can on one sheet of card stock as I can, that way I am maximizing each piece and getting my moneys worth. This is a great technique to use if you are either going to use the image in a rectangle or cut around it. If you want to have your image in an oval or circle shape you need to leave more space around each image. 
(if you cant see the image clearly enough just click on it and it will enlarge)

Ok Step One:
First I minimize the margins around my page:
You do this by going to Page Layout in the tool bar of Word. Click on the Margins button (you can see it in yellow in the photo above) It will give some options or click on Custom Margins in the drop down menu. I set mine at 0.5cm.
This will pull your margins right out.

Step Two:
Now click Insert In your Tool bar and select Picture. Find your digi images:
Pick the image you would like to insert.

I have “watermarked” over the top of the images in my tutorial to stop anyone from copying them illegally, the text is not part of the image. They are Lori Boyd images if you are interested.

The image will then appear on your screen like this, with a border around it. 
Now its time to crop and resize.

Step Three:
In the picture above you can see a button on the right hand side that is highlighted in yellow. This is the crop button. Click this and the border around your image will become small black corners and lines. Using your mouse you can click on each corner and drag it in. Be careful to only drag up to the image and not into the image as it will erase some of the lines. I usually pull in the top right corner and then the bottom left corner so it hugs around the image nicely.
Can you see the difference in this image? 

I have pulled in the sides:
Now its time to chose your size. Think of what the image is for. A scrapbook page, card or gift box? How big do you need it to be, keeping in mind if you go too small its very hard to colour in. Next to the crop button that you just used there is a Height and Width scale. If you alter one it will alter the other. So I think about how high I would like the image and adjust that. The computer automatically resizes the width for me. 

Time to insert the next image:
Again use your crop button to pull in the border around your image.
Now your images are the same size, perfect!

Step four:
Now what if you want to use the same image over and over? For example you are making a pile of cards, or you want to make invites all the same. Do you need to insert and alter each image? No This is an easy trick to save you oodles of time.
With one of your images selected, just click on it to do this. (if it has any kind of border around it: like the second image above: it is selected)
Now hold the Ctrl Key and click and drag the image across your page to the next available spot.

My computer can be a bit temperamental about this and sometimes it takes a couple of goes.
You can now continue to add in other images or copy the ones you already have used.
Once your page is full its ready for printing. You can save a copy of it if you would like, that way you can use it again and save time, although I often don’t use the same group of images together again.
Print of a piece on printer paper first just to test it. There’s nothing worse than making a mistake and wasting a piece of cardstock.

I hope this has helped you in some way. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, I am happy to help! and don't forget you can follow me on Facebook by “liking” my page HERE
Happy Crafting!
Gardenia Pepworth
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Tania Gould said...

Such an AWESOME tutorial!!!!!! Thanks so much Gardenia!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lori for posting my tutorial here. Such an honour. Hope some of you can find it useful. :)