30 November 2010

Lollipops, Puddle Jumpers and Sugar Sticks!!

Cards by the wonderfully talented Girls at By LORi Designs...

PJ Winter Dana by Vera Rhuhay

Snow Family by Angela Thomas

Sugar Stick Dog by Tanja Hartmann

Snow Family by Jacquie Peifer

PJ Winter Dana by Jane Broderick

Sugar Stick Girl with Stroller by Sheri Gilson

PJ Winter Dana by Jennifer Hagfeldt

PJ Winter Dana by Jayne Morgan

Christmas Bundle I and Tanner Lollipop by Linda Lapotka

PJ Fall Time Katie & Grace by Mercy Kerin

Lollipop Bundle I and Christmas Tree by Vera Rhuhay

Lollipop Princess by Tanja Hartmann

Puddle Jumper Rylee by Arielle H Gordon