15 February 2013

Rubber Stamps for sale!!

I have a few of my images that are available in Rubber.
To order Please send an email to me at byloridesigns@gmail.com with a list of the rubber 

stamps you'd like to purchase, your paypal email address and your mailing address. 
I will invoice you via paypal.

These stamps are deep etched, red rubber stamps.  
They are already attached to the foam backing and 
are ready to trim and place on your stamp block.

Thank You - Lori

Puddle Jumper Birthday Owen Set - Rubber Stamp $7

Puddle Jumper Party Time Piper Set - Rubber Stamp $7

 Puddle Jumper Party Time Noah Set - Rubber Stamp $7

Puddle Jumper School Time Landon - Rubber Stamp $6

Puddle Jumper Baby Jackson Set - Rubber Stamp $7

Puddle Jumper Baby Clairabeth Set - Rubber Stamp $7

Davey Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp $6
Daisy Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp $6
Lucas Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp $6

Noah Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp $6
Reagan Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp $6

Cowboy McCoy Puddle Jumper Rubber Stamp 

Sammy Puddle Jumper Set $7

Puddle Jumper Ella Set Rubber Stamp $7
Winter Landon Rubber Stamp $7

Winter Hannah Rubber Stamp $7

Princess Chloe Rubber Stamp $6
Beach Boy Christian Rubber Stamp $7

Beach Girl Hannah Rubber Stamp $7

Sammy the Elephant Rubber Stamps $5
Ella the Elephant Rubber Stamps $5

Sugar Sticks - Girl with Kite Rubber Stamp $6



ThePurplePlace said...

So excited and wanted to Thank You for offering these for sale.

I LOVE my newest stamps and these are my very first adorable "Rubber" DLB Stamps!!

Special thanks to Hannah for taking care of the orders and being such a sweetie. Glad that Mom is healing and had such a great helper!!

It was a joy to have such HAPPY mail!!


Alycia said...

Oh, please offer more of your "lollipop" figures as rubber stamps!! I'm no good with digital and I want them SO badly.

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Looking over these brought back some great memories. Think I should pull out my stash and make something. Always loved that your stamps were so kid friendly for my little crafters.

Hugs and SMiLES!