23 October 2012

Happy Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and that means another post full of BLD treats by the fabulous BLD Designers!
I must warn you before you proceed...they is A LOT of sweetness in this post! LOL! You'll see...





I just had to show off this super sweet little treat bag designed by my friend, Stacey Shafer.
Isn't it adorable!!

Have a wonderfully sweet day!


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Judy said...

Hi Lori! I hope you are well. Is there any way that I can buy Little Big Storm and Little Sweet Feather by themselves (ie not part of the Fall Bundle) as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK and I'd have no use for the Pilgrims I'm afraid. Thanks for keeping us inspired with such sweet illustrations and samples. You are a very talented lady to give them all such wonderful characters. Many best wishes, Judy