05 January 2011


Recently, a dear, near to my heart and VERY talented Friend, Maurie J. Manning (a.k.a MO) of Mo's Digital Pencil
was the victim of STAMP/ART Theft.  Now, when she tracked down the thief she also noticed that their were several other stamp companies that were also being hijacked.
This is really sad. I guess there are some people out there who have no respect for the amount of time and heart that an artist puts into their work (even if it is a digital image being used to color and create a card with). People who have no problem with stealing!!

Mo has created a site and begun a campaign to STAMP OUT STAMP THIEVES....ART THIEVES!!

Click on the banner below to read all about it and to see how YOU can help in protecting our ART.
The safer our digi stamps stay, the LONGER we can design for YOU!
Don't let other ruin it for EVERYONE!!

Hugs and Thanks for your time and support!!


CG said...

So sad to hear that. All of you artists are so generous, giving freebies for us to try and then selling your images at good rates. Thank you for starting this site, so we consumers can make sure we're not perpetuating the theft!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

It's so upsetting to hear that there are still people out there stealing what isn't there's... I whole-heartedly support this and have already added the badge to my blog!
Thank you for sharing this!
hugs, margie

Anonymous said...

A very important issue, I've posted about it on my blog, and grabbed the logo. I use alot of digital stamps, and would hate the artists that draw them to go out of buisness because of untalented dishonest people stealing there work.
Thank you for posting about this

Sabina said...

This ist very sad. We become all so a lot of frebbies to work with it, and the prices are not so much.