04 January 2013

HaPPy HAppY BiRthdAY...

...to my buddy, Sheri Gilson & my husband, Eric.

Sheri and I have been design teamies and friends for 5 years. Her crafting talent is amazing...always neat and clean, her design-ability is super fabulous and her loyalty as an always there friend is treasured by me.  As my DT Cordie she has been so extremely helpful, she tries to keep me reminded and organized.  She needs an applause just for her accomplishments in that area alone...it's not easy to keep this homeschooling, busy, Mommy of 6 organized!! Hee hee!!  Honestly, she helps me so much an dI appreciate it more than she could know!

Sheri, thank you with all my heart, for all you do for me and for BLD!

Happy Birthday my dear and true friend!! I love you!!

Here are a couple cards Sheri has made very recently

...I told you she was good!!


Well, it's also the birthday of another special person in my life...my wowza awesome husband, Eric.  I won't go into all the fabulous things about him, as I will be here all day, but I do have to say that I am so very thankful to have a husband who loves the Lord, his wife and his kiddos as much as this faithful, loyal and caring man does...Thank You Jesus for blessing 
our lives with him!

Happy Birthday Eric...I love you!


Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Aww...thank you, Lori!! Love & treasure you too!! Please wish Eric a very Happy Birthday!! <3

Anonymous said...

Gina from Cali.