08 January 2013

BLD Tuesday - Valentines

I'm just gonna warn you now...this post is filled with amazing CUTENESS, serious Sweetness!
I am not joking the BLD designers majorly out did themselves!
All I can do, is keep smiling!

Are you ready?
Here we go...

Krista used Bug & Roo Stella Valentine

Tracy used Bug & Roo Kit Valentine

Anita used Bug & Roo Peyton Valentine

Mary J. used Puddle Jumper Davey, I Love You

Vivi used Bug & Roo Stella Valentine

Mary used Bug & Roo Peyton Valentine

Stacey used Bug & Roo Hattie Valentine

Melissa used Bug & Roo Peyton Valentine

Arielle used Bug & Roo Peyton Valentine

Kadie used Lollipop Gracie Valentine

Sheri used Bug & Roo Stella Valentine

Weren't those amazing!
I am truly blessed to be able to work with these 
super fabulous designers!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful blessed day!


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