22 October 2013

The Best Design Team Everrrrrr...

Thank you all for hopping with me and my Stamp Out Buddies!
It was a super fun opportunity for all involved and I am very thankful for all you gave to Project C.U.R.E.
Thank You!

Now, today...I am excited to showcase the most amazing team in the craft world...my wonderful friends and such sensational artists...THE By LORi Designs Designers!!

Sheri Girlson

 Viviane Casale

Tracy Clemente

Anita Madden

Rosemary Bridges

Kadie Ensley

These are all super duper awesome creations, that I am very happy and proud to post for all to see!
Thank you, to the best DT ever!!!



Heidi said...

so darned cute, love all the cards.

Lori said...

Super cute!! Very talented ladies, that is fo sho!!! :)

Kendra Hernandez said...

these are all fantastic!!